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Integrating the latest modern connected-vehicle technologies with classic cars.

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About Us

Bringing classic cars into the modern era.

We're an exciting start-up focused on classic vehicle technologies, with the mission to enable people to continue loving, enjoying and showing-off their rides!

  • 30+ years technology and automotive engineering experience/passion
  • automotive grade electrical/electronic connected car platform, based on open/interoperable standards
  • enables pre-2003 vehicles to benefit from the latest comfort, convenience and safety features

ARDUN Technologies combines elements of quick-hardware prototyping based on a variety of micro-controllers. The company was named to honor engineer/racer Zora Arkus-Duntov, who ignited and inspired ARDUN Technologies founders. ARDUN seeks to combine agile technology/product development with the creativity/determination demonstrated by Zora throughout his career as racer and engineer.

ARDUN Technologies Benefits

Architecture Upgrade

Automotive-grade Electrical/Electronic (E/E) components (wire harness, ECUs, sensors, actuators) fully integrated, certified to work correctly, safely

Full Integration

Senors, actuators, cameras and displays implemented as invisible as possible using as much of the existing systems as possible - we love the classic look of cars too!


Plug-n-play e/e supports addition of new ECUs/sensors at any point after installation – e/e evolves with Customer needs


All the heavy lifting and guess-work has been done for you! Pre-built/packaged CPU, harnesses, sensors, cameras and actuators ready to install and use.


When new features are developed and become available, simply plug-in, install and use - no need to purchase a separate/additional central controller.

Extends Car Life

As safety standards continue to rise, and sharing traffic with autonomous vehicles becomes a reality, safety minimum features could be mandated - ARDUN Technologies helps you be proactive!


Our Team

Passionate technologists who collectively bring over 60 years product-dev experience, entrepreneurship, classic car-fanaticism.


Brian McColgan

Chief Executive Officer

Brian (most recently) spent 8yrs with GM/Detroit (OnStar, CCMS) designing/architecting advanced connected vehicle capabilities – including Super Cruise, & Maven

Nic Ruscillo

Chief Technology Officer

Nic’s entire career has been in the development of Software (inc. SaaS), Mobile and Internet (inc. Cloud, IoT and AI) solutions in the Telecom, Health Sciences, Education, Business and Insurance industries.


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ARDUN Technologies

Breathe new life into your classic ride through new comfort, convenience and safety features.


ARDUN Technologies is excited to be collaborating and partnering with the following world-class organizations.

Invest WindsorEssex

Invest WindsorEssex

ARDUN Technologies is proudly based in the heart of Canada's automotive capital (Windsor-Essex). IWE - Automobility & Innovation is helping ARDUN become a key member of our regions automobility innovation cluster.

WEtech Alliance

WEtech Alliance

WEtech Alliance has been there for ARDUN Technologies since inception - supporting us with a host of valuable advisory and mentorship services. WEtech Alliance represents our organizations foundation!